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What is IMPACT at MWPC?


Each church has a slightly different approach to reaching students; here at Markham, we have four different principles that guide our approach. 

1--Create God-honoring communities that students want to be a part of.

For too many students, church and church life have become a routine and a chore. Church is not something they want to be a part of, it's something you have to be a part of. Our goal is to change that attitude. Our events, gatherings, teachings, and activities are designed specifically for younger generations and always include a heavy dose of fun, fellowship, and meaningful relationships. 

2--Build meaningful relationships 

When a student is part of a special environment that they want to be a part of, they create connections. They connect to the student next to them, to the leader beside them, and to the God above them. Creating and nurturing these connections is the heart of what our student ministry is all about.

3--Use the power of relationships to change the lives of students

I don't know your faith journey story, but I imagine it involves someone coming alongside of you and sharing Christ's love. Whether that was intentional, like a Sunday school teacher, or incidental, just watching someone live a life with Jesus at the center, we believe that God uses those kinds of relationships to draw people to himself. And that's what we intentionally do here. 

4--Live changed lives through acts of mission and service

When God changes your life, He changes more than your heart. He changes your actions. Christ followers are sensitive to the needs of their friends, their community, and the world around them. And they serve as Christ's ambassadors through acts of mission and service. At MWPC, we not only teach the value of service, but also provide amble opportunities for students to serve others.