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How to be involved with IMPACT as a parent/adult!

 Volunteer as a leader at IMPACT

We are actively looking for adults who are willing to come spend their Sunday nights mentoring students. This is a great chance for any parent or adult to make a difference in the students lives. We typically break up into small groups after our lessons to allow the students to talk about the lesson and how it relates to their lives.


 Join the Student Ministry Committee

The Student Ministry Committee meets once a month (2nd Wednesday of the month @7pm) to talk about current and future plans for the student ministry. This is a great chance to come voice your ideas and opinions on how we can better reach the students. The committee is composed on both students and parents.


 Join us on the Mission Trip

The high school mission trip is looking for adult leaders to come on the Mission Trip with us next year. We do not have dates for the trip yet however it will be late May, early June. Please talk to Shelby Lovette if you are interested in being a leader.

 Pray for our students and our program

Our student ministry is ultimately here for one reason. The reason is to teach our students about Jesus Christ and make our students better disciples. We would love it if you would be willing to pray for our students and our program!


Please contact Shelby Lovette if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions!

 Shelby Lovette

Director of Student Ministry

 321-279-5685 (cell)